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Independence Today is a publication of the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, Inc., or ILCHV. The newspaper is also available on the Internet at Published every other month, the deadline for advertising and articles is the 16th day of the month before publication. Advertising rates are available on request, and the price includes a hardcopy and Internet ad.

ILCHV, Inc., reserves the right to refuse an advertisement for any reason. We do not imply or otherwise guarantee any of the information, services, products, or anything advertised in this or any issue of the publication or the Web version. The opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily represent the opinion of this publication, the organization or the board of directors. Copyright © 2006 by ILCHV. No portion of Independence Today may be reproduced without written permission from ILCHV, Inc.


Denise A. Figueroa, Executive Director

Patricio Figueroa, Jr.-Publisher/ Editor

Board of Directors of ILCHV

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