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Marca BristoMarca Bristo: A Force
for Empowerment

By Deborah Kendrick

In the last two years, Marca Bristo has spun her wheels in Australia, Ireland, England, Turkey, Italy and a few other countries. Less than a week after the interview for this story was conducted, she was on her way to North Africa.

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James J. Weisman: Disability Rights Hero

James Weisman speaking at a conference.By Kathi Wolfe

It all started because of a girl.

James J. Weisman, senior vice president and general counsel of the United Spinal Association, doesn’t have a disability. Growing up in Queens and Long Island, N.Y., Weisman had no family members with disabilities. “I had no disabled friends until I was 16,” he said recently in a telephone interview.

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Disability Community
Voting-Access Ideas
Finally Registering

By Susan Cohen

As a disability advocate for more than 20 years, I was recently asked why it matters whether individuals with disabilities get equal access to the voting process.

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Board Manual:
Don’t Convene Without It

Many organizations do not have a board of directors manual, primarily because they do not believe it is necessary. Read why this is a mistake.

A Message from the NCIL Executive Director:

by John A. Lancaster

To read the full message from NCIL's ED click here

Community Choice Act and testimony on the ADA Restoration Act of 2007

Full NCIL Testimony

vote 2008
To read the candidates Comments click here

Additional Articles
- Calendar of EventsBy Steve Mahoney
- National ADAPT Takes Action in Chicago
- Disabled Candidate Running on His Ideas
- Inflation Beats Social Security Increase 3:1
- Accident Survivors Drive Home Their Point About Safety
- In Rural West, Fight for Independence Not Over Yet.
- Accessible Medical Equipment a Real Reach
- Community Choice Act Gains Momentum in the Senate
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- Mental Health Stigma Still Hard to Shake 7/07
- PTSD Not Just a Soldier’s StoryBy Brenda Brown-Grooms7/07
- For Directors Only Good Boardsmanship with tips for Working as a Team part 1 By Patricio Figueroa, Jr.7/07
- Asperger’s Disorder: A Mother’s Perspective By Dana Cacchione    4/07
- Medicaid Estate Recovery2/07
- Saw "Euthanasia Blues" on YouTube.Com 2/07

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