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Obama Aide Kareem Dale's Goal: Leveling Field for All

Kareem Dale, Special assistamt to the president of the United States

By John Williams

Kareem Dale is a special assistant to the president of the United States for disability policy. Dale, who is partially blind, coordinates the administration's efforts to ensure that people with disabilities (PWDs) are on a level playing field with all Americans.

Dale continued

Technology Push Aims to Help Students with Print Disabilities

By John M. Williams

Bookshare logo

Administrators from the DCPS, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Public Library and the Blind Rehabilitation Services presented their vision of the future as it relates to Bookshare-created accessible digital books.
Bookshare continued

Into The Light by Peter Kahrmann

Who’s Calling Whom Disabled?

I recently saw the word “disability” defined as the “condition of being unable to perform in society as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness,” and as a “legal incapacity or disadvantage.” This got me thinking....
Kharmann continued

The Best Advocate for a Cruise? You!

By Alan St. James

A cruise ship

Here are some important steps I’ve learned work well when considering cruising with a disability:Full cruise article

Apple Makes Right Call
With Accessible iPhone

The iPhone 4 has  a “retina display” with four times the pixel density of a typical LCD display at a whopping 326 pixels per inch.

By Deborah Kendrick

The first person I knew to own a cell phone was another blind guy. It was 1992.
iPhone continued


The Nitwits Are Coming!
The Nitwits Are Coming!

Paul Revere riding his horse warning the colonists

Paul Revere riding his horse warning the colonists

By Peter S. Kahrmann

You might not be able to hear me over the sound of the hooves. I’m riding my trusty horse Firefly to warn you American people that the nitwits are coming! And don’t you worry, ‘cause I ain’t tellin’ the British.
More nitwits

ADAPT is Homing In On Ending Institutional Bias

By Mike Ervin

ADAPT is pursuing a new legislative strategy in Washington, D.C.
ADAPT continued

Perriello New AAPD Chief

Mark Perriello, CEO of AAPD

Mark Perriello, a former White House assistant and longtime civil rights leader, was selected president and chief executive officer of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) by the board of directors of on June 1st.

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Product Testing:

Currency-Reading App is Right on the Money

Smartphone with currency reading app

By Penny Reeder

For those of you who grew up unable to identify the denominations of paper currency, there is good news. Now, you can do it all by yourself – with a little help from the latest technology, of course.
App continued

Lois Curtis, one of the original plaintiffs in Olmstead case, shows her painting to President Obama in June 2011. The President told her his Administration would enforce Olmstead and ensure people with disabilities can live in the community.

ILCHV’s 17th annual Dessert Spectacular

Description text below

Benita Zahn, local news achor (left); Denise A. Figueroa, executive director of ILCHV, Inc.; and Sean Turley, chair of the board of directors, presented awards to six honorees, at the most recent fundraiser, the Dessert Spectacular.

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Click here for sponsors and honoreesThe Event Program in PDF

We Remember...

The face of the late Helen Roth

Helen Coburn Roth

Sam Dardick

May & June salutes

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Aims to Get PWDs into the Community
- Tucson Tragedy Shining Light on Brain Injury, Mental Illness
- Blind Driving on Road to Reality
- Aimee Mullins: Athlete, Actress, Model, Superstar, and Double Amputee

Disability History: Help Us
Remember All Our Heroes

- Fiscal Reform Plan Rejection
Spares PWDs Even More Pain
- ILUSA.COM Searchable Database
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Five stories shed light on programs, practices, and tools

Five stories shed light on programs, practices, and tools designed to increase the participation of women with disabilities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers throughout the U.S. ON THE AIR!

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