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We regret the delay of this online version of Independence Today, but the server was relocated to the new headquarters of ILCHV, Inc.

Cover Story

Chris Palames: One of the IL Originals

By Mike Reynolds and Patricio Figueroa Jr.

Chris Palames

“I have a T-shirt that reads "Proud Son of an Illegal Immigrant," said Palames, who added, “I am not a fan of Lou Dobbs”.
Read the full cover story


Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow (and Tomorrow’s Yesterday)

By Patricio Figueroa Jr.

Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and  Barack Obama

The great poet and philosopher George Santayana is credited with writing “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (“The Life of Reason: Reason in Common Sense”). Nothing captures the essence of the American political landscape like this ageless quote.
Yesterday's continued

Using Music As a Way to Roll Forward

By Amy Halloran

The band Metsy Smesher consists of, Will Just, Mike

The band Metsy Smesher consists of, Will Just, Mike Whelan, Brian Teschka, and Dylan Walrath (Lead singer). Tracy Teschka is on the far left . Photo Copyright © ILCHV

When people think of singers, the names Prudence Mabhena and Dylan Walrath generally don’t come to mind.
Music continued

No Coffee, No Fear

By Peter S. Kahrmann

Coffee cup on dish

Click here for more coffee

To Visually Impaired Fans, Baseball’s New Online World a Hit

By John M. Williams

Baseball Player

The online world of baseball has been expanded to include individuals with visual impairments after recent improvements to MLB. com
Visually impared BB story

Product Testing

Features Make iPad a Winner -- Hands Down

By John M. Williams

Mac's iPad

Recently, I had an opportunity to test the iPad for three days. A visually impaired friend had lent it to me and wanted my opinion of it.

For more on the iPad click here.

The 2010 Elections at Stake: Redistricting

By Susan Cohen

Vote Here

According to 2008 statistics, there were 54 million persons with disabilities in the United States. That is a lot of potential political power -- power that can be used
Full vote story

ADAPT Newcomer Happy to Get In On the Action

By Mike Ervin

This is what Rachel Siler of Chicago remembered most about her first national ADAPT action: ADAPT continued

FCC Trying to Salvage ‘Net Neutrality’ Plan and More

Editor’s note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series concerning universal broadband connectivity.

FCC Emblem

U.S. regulators are reconsidering the rules that govern high-speed Internet connections — wading into a bitter policy dispute that could be tied up in Congress and the courts for years.
FCC continued.

A Million Reasons to Cheer National Library Service

By Penny Reeder

In February, the special needs library that has served the nation’s community of blind and print disabled readers for nearly 80 years reached an amazing milestone: a million digital books accessed.
Complete books story

For Film Lovers Who Are Blind, New Technology’s Out of Sight!

By Deborah Kendrick

Head set for video audio track

Movies and television programs have become even more sophisticated -- and visual -- over the decades.
Film continued

We Remember…

William Baldridge Loughborough Jr. as he was known to many: aka Bill Love: One of Our Own Dead at 84
January 3rd, 1926, -April 7, 2010 For more on Bill Love

Gary Wayne Coleman (February 8th, 1968 – May 28th, 2010).

Harry Wieder (January 27th, 1953 -- April 27th, 2010).

Arthur J. Carroll (October 6th, 1943 -- May 14th, 2010

Click here for We Remember others

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