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NDRN Report Shines Light
on Exploitation of Disabled

Henry’s Turkey Farm in Atalissa, Iowa

By Janine Bertram Kemp

"Segregated and Exploited: The Failure of the Disability Service System to Provide Quality Work," is NDRN’s call to action.

Read the full NDRN story

Tucson Tragedy Shining Light
on Brain Injury, Mental Illness

By Amy Halloran

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Arizona

Ideally, the tragedy presents a teachable moment for a public that is largely uninformed on these topics, an opportunity in which the realities of those living with either mental health challenges or TBI are explained.

Tucson Tragedy continued

Blind Driving on Road to Reality

By Deborah Kendrick

Mark Riccobono & Virginia Tech's Dennis Hong with the Blind Driver Challenge ™ Ford Escape

When I was 17, my stepdad bought a brand-new Mustang. It wasn’t for me, of course. I’d been totally blind since the age of 5.
Read the full driving story

Revamped Federal Housing Program Aims to Get PWDs into the Community

By Mike Ervin

Housing for People with Disabilities

The Frank Melville Supportive Housing Investment Act of 2010 is a legislative oddity indeed.
Melvile act continued

Phone App Guide System
Filling a 'Special' Need

By John M. Willliams

Wayfinder, a smartphone-based software program that enables people with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities to take the bus or light rail so they can be independent.

AbleLink Technologies has released Wayfinder, a smartphone-based software program that enables people with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities to take the bus or light rail so they can be independent.
Wayfinder continued

INTO THE LIGHT by Peter Kahrmann

The Freedom to Be You

The notion that there are three selves, so to speak, is somewhat axiomatic. There is how others see us, how we see ourselves, and who we really are

Freedom continues


Disabled Boomers Can Take Lead in Creating an Accessible Future

By Kathi Wolfe

Post War Baby Boom USA Postage stqamp

No, what finally penetrated my gray matter (so to speak) was this: overhearing some teenage girls on the subway talk about the “Bieber” and knowing they had met singing sensation Justin,

For full commentary

Zach Anner's dream to host TV program comes true

Zach Anner, with Your OWN Show

He now gets to host his own show -- an inspirational travel program -- on Winfrey's new cable channel.


Dreaming a Special Dream

By John M. Williams

For decades, I have had a special dream. Each year, my dream consumes more and more of me. My dream is to develop, help write and produce a 90-minute Public Broadcasting System program

I have a dream continues

New Life Chapter Ongoing for Writer with Brain Injury

By Amy Halloran

Author Mira Bartok

Writer and visual artist Mira Bartok, 51, is earning praise for her story of growing up with a schizophrenic parent. Her illustrated memoir, "The Memory Palace," was released in November.

Mira Bartock continued

Pedestrian Safety Act: A Lot is Riding on It

By Penny Reeder

A Hybrid vehicle radiating noise waves for blind  pedestrian

The Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act, which President Barack Obama signed into law January 4th, requires the U.S. Department of Transportation to begin writing standards that will set requirements for an alert sound that would allow blind and other pedestrians to reasonably detect a nearby electric or hybrid vehicle. The law requires the rules to be finalized within three years.

Click here for more

Disability History: Help Us Remember All Our Heroes

By Patricio Figueroa

Old wooden wheelchair

Disability history has become a national obsession. I am aware of at least two dozen disability history-related projects on the national level. But ours is slightly different from most of these projects -- though not necessarily better.
Disability History continued

Disabled Worker Wins
Discrimination Lawsuit

By Patricia Doxsey

A graphic of a judge

On February 24th, a federal court jury found that a not-for-profit human services agency intentionally discriminated against a disabled employee in 2006 when it cut her work hours by more than 50 percent.

Full article

'All Aboard' in Japan? Not Exactly

By June Isaacson Kailes

June I. Kailes in her scooter

We were quickly surrounded by two station supervisors and 10 staff members. It was quite the scene. It felt like we were criminals about to be arrested.

Full story

Disability-Related Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2012

Winning the Future for People with Disabilities

With the country having emerged from the worst recession in generations, President Barack Obama has put forward a plan that, he said, will rebuild the economy and "win the future."
Full story on federal budget FY 2011

Disability-Related Discrimination
on the Job? The EEOC Can Help

By Cindy Powell

Cindy Powell signing "I Love you."

For the EEOC to get involved in a case of alleged disability-related discrimination, an individual must file a complaint with the organization within 180 days

For more click here

We Remember...

Sir George Shearing at the piano

Sir George Shearing OBE (Order of the British Empire) (August 13th, 1919 – February 14th, 2011). Shearing, the youngest of nine children of a London coal man, was an American jazz pianist who for many years led a popular jazz group that recorded for MGM Records and Capitol Records.

For We Remember

The im Store

Serving Needs Of Aging Adults And People With Disabilities!

IM Store woman in tube

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