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States Putting Squeeze on Olmstead Enforcement

By Janine Bertram Kemp

In states across the country, politicians are trying to push through vast Medicaid budget cuts in home- and community-based services (HCBS) for people with disabilities (PWDs).
Olmstead continued

California OKs 'Ed Roberts Day' Amid Cutbacks

Ed Roberts

By Mike Ervin

A bill declaring a day of special significance in California to celebrate and honor Ed Roberts, the man who launched the independent living movement, passed unanimously this summer through both houses of the state's Legislature.
Full Ed Roberts story

Into the Light , By  Peter Kahrmann

Breaking Nicky’s Hill

By Peter S Kahrmann

Nick was 18 when someone pulled out a gun and shot him through the neck.
Nicky continued

Life-Management Program Can Help Those with Cognitive Disabilities A child using the Picture Planner

By John M. Williams

Accessible hardware and software are two of the best tools that individuals with cognitive and intellectual disabilities can have...
Life management continued

We Remember...

Paul Longmore John Callahan
Paul K. Longmore John Michael Callahan

For We Remember click here

For These Two, PWDs Not Welcome at This (Tea) Party

By John M. Williams

Nora Grey and Tom Brady are conservative white Christians and Tea Party members.
Tea Party Continued

Breakthrough Accessible Car Ready to
Roll The 2011 MV-1 is here!

The 2011 MV-1 vehicle in taxi trim

The new car, designed from the ground up by the Vehicle Production Group (VPG), is specifically engineered for wheelchair and scooter users, but it can provide transportation for everyone.
MV1 continued

Disability Center Members Get Their Chance to Act Up

By Amy Halloran

Theatre Masks

Harriette Watson knows what she is capable of. “We all can strut our stuff,” she recently told Tony Rivera, director of C-R Productions at Cohoes Music Hall in upstate New York. “There’s a lot of people out there who’ve never seen people with some disability do some stuff like this. You guys rock.”
Acting Continued

Journalism Prof Has the Scoop on Disability Issues and the Media

Professor and author Beth Haller

By Kathi Wolfe

Journalism Continued on page 11 Some of us spend most of our lives searching for what we want to be when we grow up.
That is certainly not the case with Beth A. Haller, professor of journalism and new media at Towson University in Towson, Md.
Media continued

‘Homing In’ on What’s Important

Woman carrying a box during moving

By Deborah Kendrick

When my home of 24 years went on the market this past May, I sent the link to various friends and colleagues who had never seen it. The astonished responses I heard from so many both pleased and amused me.
Homing in continued


Lohan, Like All Addicts, Needs Shot of Reality

Lindsay Lohan

By Peter Kahrmann

If reports that actress Lindsay Lohan received special favors in jail were true, and if similar favors were offered her now that she is in a 90-day rehab, her already at-risk life is even more at risk.

Olmstead Update Coast to Coast, HCBS Battles Heating Up

Protesters for home and community care services block  L Street in Sacremento.

Across the country, there have been two recent developments in the battle over home- and community-based services.

Admirers Flip over Amazing Wheelchair Athlete

Aaron Fotheringham doing a flip with his wheelchair.

By Mike Reynolds

Aaron Fotheringham and I have a few things in common. We are both disabled, we both use wheelchairs (I only use mine part time) and we both have spent more than half our lives riding at various skate parks.
Back-flip continued

Memorial Candle

With this page Persons with Disabilities are remembering.... Members and Friends of our community . .who are no longer with us.. ... and for whom we grieve... Click here for page

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Five stories shed light on programs, practices, and tools designed to increase the participation of women with disabilities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers throughout the U.S. ON THE AIR!

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