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We Found Markenley!!! (Part One)

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Markenley Edouard

Markenley Edouard.

Because He Matters By Cheryl Lewis

Cover Story

Ebert’s Disability Mindset
Earns Him a ‘Thumbs Up’

By Mike Ervin

Roger Ebert

“I refuse to hide,” he wrote. “What you see is what you get. Chaz and I are producing it, dammit. Why shouldn't I appear?”

For full Ebert article, click here

Deaf-Interpreting Psychologist Is Helping to Bridge Cultures

By Amy Halloran

Dr. Russell Wolff is a licensed psychologist

The simple logistics of communication can interfere with relationships and how people get along in the world. The differences between Deaf and hearing cultures present other issues to sort out.

Deaf continued

Understanding 'Accessibility' And 'Accessible Technology'

By John M. Williams

In an era when technology is redefining the workplace and creating a knowledge-based global economy that places a high value on communication, collaboration and mobility, accessibility has become increasingly essential for doing business. But what do "accessibility" and "accessible technology" actually mean?
Assistive Tech continued


Protests, Creativity Needed In Battle for Fiscal Survival

By Janine Bertram Kemp

Disabled Advocates protest Governor Scott Walkers' budget cut

Copyright © Tom Olin

Egypt, Libya and Wisconsin: All three places have been in the news for months, which has led to members of the mainstream media comparing uprisings.
Survival continued


The Foresight of Helen Keller Can Help to See Us Through

By Kathi Wolfe

Helen Keller smelling a flower

In the midst of budget cuts that will likely hurt people with disabilities and others struggling to survive, efforts to weaken unions, the persistence of racism even though the United States has its first black president, and the growing income gap between the rich and the poor, I’ve been thinking about Helen Keller.
More about Keller

Product Testing

New Touch-Accessible Platform Serves Students' Special Needs

TAP IT being demonstrated

By John M. Williams

Once in awhile, I come across new technology that really excites me. The TAP-it™ is one of those technologies.

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Into The Light by Peter Kahrmann

Killing Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

The disease of addiction is not the only thing killing Charlie Sheen. So are a plethora of enablers.............
Sheen continued

The U.S. Treasury Goes Paperless with Benefit Checks

SS benefits Continued

Assaulting Education’s Equal Rights

By Peter Kahrmann

The fate of our country’s public schools walks hand in hand with the fate of the country itself.
Education continued

‘Ticket to Work’ Plagued By Real-World Problems

By Brenda Brown-Grooms

Ticket to Work

The Ticket to Work Program was designed to get people off disability rolls. But those who study the issue say that the ultimate goal of most people on disability is to earn enough money to get off the poverty rolls without losing their benefits and health insurance.

Ticket continued

IT Publisher Eyes Pepsi Grant For Medical Equipment Bank


The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley Inc., which publishes Independence Today, has an idea entered in the Pepsi Refresh Project, a program that gives away millions of dollars every month.

Full grant story and link to VOTE!

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Five stories shed light on programs, practices, and tools

Five stories shed light on programs, practices, and tools designed to increase the participation of women with disabilities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers throughout the U.S. ON THE AIR!

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